Eyedeal Equipment

The Eyedeal Way to grow an Optical Business


Design and create not only a web design but a Brand Campaign and messaging to show product but also experience in the industry. The objective was to get Eyedeal Equipment to represent more than just an equipment dealer but also a company who understood the equipment, the refurbushing process, the equipment need in the Ophthalmic Practice and also deeper details of the equipment purchse. My research of the team showed they had deep understanding of which products lasted, were worth buying, which had higher popularities amongst doctors, what fail rates existed and so much more. The strategy was to create a Brand that spoke to the intelligence of this team and an understanding that went beyond just sales. 


Brand Campaign/Strategy
Responsive Web Design UX
Product Catalog UX/Mobile
Icon Design
Copy Writing
Email Design/Layout

Fully Responsive

Research shows the information Doctors seek, amongst other busy business owners, MUST be mobile and responsive. The busy lifestyle and movement of the primary business lead dictates and the one who is making the equipment purchasing decisions, they may happen in those moments when they are not in an office or even near a laptop. The mobile introduction to this company in many cases may be the only lifeline to the attention of the viewer. In office scenarios such as a busy Ophthalmic practice if an office manager is making these choices they may need to get Doctor approval and the Mobile device may be the most efficient way to discuss the selections offered. In these cases Mobile viewing becomes necessary.

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