UX Designer

First & Foremost

My wife always said I overthink things, so I became a UX Designer, long ago before this position even had a name. Isn't everything really about User Experience anyway? I mean what do people really remember about you? No matter what they see of you, graphics, web, video, product, customer service..... your users walk away with something, good or bad and it all starts with the UX Design. Someone had to think about the User Experience waaaaaaay before it actually was a User Experience. Good UX doesn't just happen.

UX opportunities combined with heavy exposure into other Creative efforts allowed me to think deeply about people and user centric focus. No matter what the project I could not stop thinking about who was using it and how they were using it. I always had empathy and serious concern for how the user interacted with something I was creating, there had to be a framework to success and it had to start at the source ..... the user.

You can never over think User experience, the second you think you have, something else comes along and affects the landscape of your product and its usage. Then you get to Iterate again.
Everything we do in UX has some level of uncertainty, so its best to get to know your users, your market & their problems, through proper design perspective, practices and iteration. Then maybe you can reduce that uncertainty. - snoman
I Love user facing design & interaction. I have always designed with a users best interest at heart. Early days of web found me researching what made users click, not just click the mouse but what they wanted from an experience ... simplicity, clarity, solutions .... no matter what the action or purpose. This was before UX even had a name.

I am a User Experience Designer with hands-on experience in UX Design, User Research & Profiling, Visual Design, Interaction Design & Usability, including concept, strategy and implementation. I have been involved in many projects including, web, web app, mobile app, iOS/Android, desktop solutions, responsive UI, front end and back end development for large to small companies. Whatever engages users.

I Design ..... Wireframes (lo and hi fidelity), Storyboards, Sitemaps, User Flows, Prototyping, Visual Design & Interfaces, Photo layouts, information architecture, advertising and marketing campaign ideation to implementation, content, and user engagement. I know it says allot there but to me it is all part of the experience.

I work with: Axure, InDesign, Vizio, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, inVision and still use a pencil.... and paper. I can ideate then create and then tell a group what I did and why I did it, citing user psychology and analytics as it is available based on the research.

I enjoy what I do because i get to invent a way, sometimes recreating the wheel and sometimes not. I love seeing results of well thought out team collaboration and initiatives.

Please tell me you have a whiteboard.