My thoughts on wireframe and prototype tools

by Snoman
Thursday, August 24, 2017

I was literally sitting here using Marvel to create a lo fi proto and thinking of all the great things it could do even better. Thinking of how maybe I could be a beta tester. Thinking of how I really like the UI of Marvel, the results, interfacing with desktop or mobile browsers for viewing and how it does a great job protoyping. My thoughts shifted though to the ease of how Axure allows me to do the wireframing, communicate the effort and then turn it into a working prototype right there with all sorts of features and logic. Axure can be complicated and is a desktop tool, not web based at least for me and I don't have the budget to buy the enterprise edition.

Then I started thinking about how I needed to animate something, can I do that in Marvel. I started searching and found a blog post which answered a couple of my queries.

If one tool could do it all that would be incredible. All the tools out there are trying to do most of the tasks and there seems to be obstacles.

Wireframe > share > proto using the wireframe > share > iterate > enhance to Hi Fi > share

But there are so many details How can one app do it all? I like to wire in Illustrator. I have moved to Sketch as there are reasons and it specializes, but when I wire in axure I can go right into proto, right there. But sketch has other redeeming qualities, so does ittlustrator that Axure doesnt have. Invision incorporates sketch drawings now, so does Marvel but you still have to rely on sketch. I currently wire still in illustrator then take it to photoshop to prep for proto, then into inVision or Marvel. Those steps take time. Time usually not there.

Axure removes that time - wire to proto, but no real animation feature which marvel is working on I guess. But that post I read was from a year ago on the Marvel website.

I see there is much marvel has incorporated from sketch also.

I am still fairly new to Marvel. Was sorta not sure about inVision, but they have so many great features and sketch collab also, but they dont allow wireframe or design of anything internally. Employers just want FAST.

Ok so those are my thoughts and everytime I have them I realize there is no one tool to do it all, it has to be a collaboration of tools. I have posted this on several posts but never this long so maybe I will make this a blog post for me.