User Experience to Help Drive Event Success


One event per year driving all donations and capapbilities for the entire budegt for that year. Consideration had to be offered this year to help drive viewers to the ticket sales and sponsorships easily and across platforms. Client complaint was the lack of visibility offered in the usual pipeline production of their current social and web presence effrots. They needed something that offered more visibility including some kind of Brand. Main Problem: less than 2 weeks til event!!! 


UX/UI Responsive Strategy
Campaign Design/Identity
Social Media Collaboration
Responsive Visual Design
WordPress CMS
Icon Design/Typography

Responsive Wordpress

Although the website was built in Wordpress, newer versions of wordpress allow easy customization of singular page content to work within the Wordpress theme, allowing breakpoints and custom CSS/HTML to be added. This allowed the page to be versatile and have page elements that would float and stack based on the device usage. 

Iconic World

Every good brand needs a set of icons, in this case Tropical Shirts and Tiaras. An odd mix but visually effective in iconic characters. Icons were created to identify the Event Sub Brand Identity and event elements within the content, from simple graphic elements to functional buttons. We live in an Iconic world and in this case even underwater. :-)

Simple UX WireFlow 

Based on device usage, even though this was just an Event promo and not development of an entire website, it was necessary to depict the UI through basic UX practices. This ensured the correct flow of content could be programmed into the WP construct.
ABOVE: Lo fidelity wireframes which help to determine the user flow, especially since this project flows in and out of social media and external payment solution - PayPal.