Pepsi Stuff

Touch Screen Auction System for Three City Launch Event

Three cities, across three time zones, hundreds of people, all bidding on items at the Pepsi Stuff Launch party event, an interesting event with an interesting silent auction in which the Pepsi Corporation decided to go digital interactive with the auction rather than using the traditional paper and pen auction listing like so many others do. Each event supported 4 -  60 inch touch screen LCD panels with keyboards for ease of use and entry of bid and personal information.

Communication of the Pepsi Stuff Brand and primarily the PEPSI brand and product was necessary. This helped the auction interface not only speak the Pepsi look and feel but helped tie it in with all other event design collateral for a cohesive and tactile user experience for all who came.

The interface had to be simple and easy to use, while retaining the feel of an auction people were familiar with due to online auction sites. 

Entered Bids retained user name for all to see creating a competitve feel for those who wanted to win a particular item. Users were encouraged to return to the screens to see if they were outbid and have a chance to increase their original bids. In some instances two users may have been bidding against each other in real time causing a bid entry to alert a user "You have been Outbid! - please enter a new bid."