Verizon Data Services

Telecom Circuit and Equipment Inventory control and connectivity


This UI will coordinate all inventory, configuration and connectivity of every equipment, circuit, segment and channel across the vast network that governs all communication for wire line and wireless networks within the massive telecom provider. Wow! That is what I was told and in the next breath "that is why it must take into consideration a well researched and thought out UX". OK, let's do it!


UX Research
Comparitive Process Analysis
Wireframe - Lo & Hi Fi
Protoype Development
Team Lead

Collaborative Teamwork

From chaos comes beauty. Team planning sessions were scheduled in rooms where white boards lined the walls and allowed us to sketch our ideas and solutions. Team members would take turns drawing hideous boxes and lines until we had something tangible. The real power came from the build of one idea to the next bridging a good idea with a better one revealing truth that we were speaking the same language in UX. 

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