VW/Rolling Stone

Superbowl TouchScreen Interactive Trivia Game


You can view the 3D Motion Graphics Game Intro here. This Motion Animation clip played after a user stepped away from the console, based on a timed interval to attract players to come check out the game. The VW and Rolling Stone Brands along with the Event Brand Lockup were infused into the action. The ID Lockup Brand became the active motion element combining the Lockup Guitar Pick design on the 3D Guitar then coming in as a solo element riding down the guitar fretboard across the strings and down the highway to its resolve.


UX/UI Design
Brand Management
Visual Design
Game Development
Project Lead

People love touching screens and they love interacting with them.....and they love trivia, put all that together and you have another trivia touchscreen console and a way to show off your knowledge about the Brands throwing the party......and a good way to stay top of mind!