Organic Gender

Mobile Facebook Wall Connection - Telling the Gender Prediction Story



User Surveys
Comparative Analysis
User Flows
Iterative Wireframing
Formative Evaluation
A/B Testing
Interface Design/Icon Design
Visual Design
User Testing

Offering a solution for a large and recurring market that wants..... uh, needs ... to know what gender their baby will be, well at least most of them want to know. So the challenge was how to clue them in and steer them away from all the YouTube videos showing pregnant ladies dangling a ring from a necklace and hoping the chinese gender prediction method will actually work. It doesn't, but Organic Gender does and has a bit O' charm.

The App. Designed to take the user experience with this product to the Social level, sharing the good news with friend on facebook and showing the results of the gender prediction. This app easily allows

Virtually Demonstratable

An Interactive Demonstration was developed utilizing Adobe's FLASH along with the video content shot for the primary video segments, edited into smaller explanatory clips to give insight into each of the product elements that come with the product kit. Basic insight is given on what to do with each of the elements in a chronological user interaction, requiring the user interact with each elelment in the same fashion they would in the real world.


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