Harborside Church

Hybrid Tablet App Connect Group Organization and Promotion

Client Need: A User Interface for church members to connect with the right connect group. The interface would need to allow the ability to browse for small groups by differeing criteria.

  • Categorically browse small groups
  • Search the leaders that lead the groups
  • Engage in a interactive questionnaire that offers options according to their tabulated input 

The Challenge: Create a super friendly interface that can contain the data, but make it easy to get to, understand and act on the data given to interface with additional software for registration opportunities. This app must be simple and quick and for the user who is not only new to tablets and/or hybrid interfaces but possibly also new to the connect groups they are searching, this app must take them from start to finish even if they do not know where in the hierarchy they belong. 


How do you leverage today's technology, circumvent the App Store guidelines for speed and dexterity, and produce a way to channel all group activity into one streamlined presence? Plus it needs to be easy enuff for the most challenged of users to navigate? With a Hybrid Tablet App, that's how!


Database Dev
CSS 3 

The leader profile page would link to their group page and vice versa. A registration button from the group info page leads to their online event registration software. The client needed full control to add, edit and delete leaders, groups and questions. A custom admin form was needed for consistency and searchability.