MacKinnon Jewelers

How Do You Say Love? - A Brand Campaign


With so many Jewelers in the area, I wanted to differentiate and create a strategy that had a thought process to it, something that could carry over into social and user engagement and put the user on the spot and allowing them to be the hero in the story. Jewelry has a profound effect on a persons life, but the story of Love has an even more profound story. This was the connective tissue in this strategy that connected a product with an emotion and asked the question "How do you say Love?"


Brand Campaign/Strategy
Responsive Web Design UX
Product Catalog UX/Mobile
Icon Design
Copy Writing
Email Design/Layout

UX Directive 

Research shows that longer site usage sessions offer higher conversion rates, but to achieve that on mobile or desktop interfaces you must call on the A/B test. In many cases the A/B results show that intuitive UX layouts create more viewing time as it keeps the user in a cognitive flow that is pleasing. In this case 2 tools were created: 
1. To allow the user to see variants of the category they have selected by easily presenting options in a style that was user driven for mobile and desktop
2. A browse scale option that they could "Zoom" to a singular view in vertical lineage to see product photos bigger and move back to a thumbnail type view at will.

The website layout speaks to the Brand campaign and the association between Love and gifting in Love. The design pairs couples in that romantic state of mind where one might offer the gift or symbol of love in the form of jewelry. Love with purposeful intent is the idea to be illustrated within each photo opportunity within the ongoing brand campaign.

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