Hanish Water

Hanish WaterCrest Clean Water Video Campaign


Create a video that seemed to move through time, showing the utilization of a common area for water usage in the household while giving the feeling of motion that would compliment the internal motion of the water usage illustration. This motion was to depict the "All Day - Everyday Usage" that demonstrated the constant water consumption with the visual of a universally common household utensil that facilitates the water usage, thus highlighting the overlooked level of consumption in the same manner as we take for granted the sink, the faucet and the freedom of having running water at our disposal. This highlight would hopefully signify to the viewer the importance of clean, filtered water due to the high level of consumption as depicted by the various illustrations using the common faucet.  


Story/Script Development
Director of Photography
Editing/Color Grading
Audio Editing
Motion Graphics/Effects

The Scope:

Highlight the awareness of a constantly utilized common household resource, awakening the viewer to the balance of constant consumption and the need for the quality of this resource.

Create a video that could be used for B-roll and also be a standalone short film with a stong message visually that coincides with the message offered by the VO. 

The Details:

Shot with Canon DSLR utilizing the Canon 24-70 2.8 and a 5 foot cineslider with motor control we were able to time track each event and count off the timing to stitch together the singular shots while retaining the stability of the background in almost all shots. Set lighting was LED Bi-Color 3200K and color graded for effect. This type of shot allows for a timed feel or a walk through time and a sense of decay or build of emotion or action at each event.