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Device Control / App to Enhance the User Experience


It was time to update the Interface that controlled the Hydromassage bed and lounge series of water massage beds and create a mobile component that would allow users to be attentive to what was quickly becoming a valuable part of their workout regimen - Relaxing! As with all things people celebrate they want to have some connection with it through their Mobile devices. Have the App alert me, let the App control my sessions, let the App connect me in ways to what I love that it be with me always. To interface a mobile App with the HydroMassage beds we were going to have to re create the entire experience. 


User Surveying
Persona Development
A/B Testing
Visual Design
Interface Design/Icon Design

Framework for Achievement

ABOVE: The Hi and Lo Fidelity wireframes that started the project. My original concepts (pictured here) suggested we use the human figure standing or in the perspective of the user, laying down allowing high and low points to be seen in the same aspect of the user for a keener sense of setting High and Low points based on the positional reference. The previous touch screen interface had the human figure laying on its side with some confusion to users as to where to set the massage points.