Island Interactive

Cayman Islands Adventure - App Based Discovery


Google gets you anywhere these days, but in the Caymans people want to see only what is right around them, they want directions and they want to build an itinerary with coupons. AND.... they want a good user experience. In comes the app, all information based on the Cayman Islands, locations, coupons and you can build daily itineraries with that data and connect the dots so you know where you're going and where you've been. 


Brand ID Design
Interface Design
Icon Design
Web App Administration 

Adventures in UX 

In order to have perspective on a feature set there needed to be an understanding of the personalities that may be using this app. The profiles or personas helped to determine features that may be desired, problems that could be overcome and value of an app that really only focuses on one location on the planet. Research was reviewed to see the demographic of people going to the Caymans and the personas were built based on psychological patterns that may exist per age, career, frequency of travel, social presence, etc.