Aviation profile system - Analog to Digital


I was asked to research & design a portal to house missionary groups and the missionaries that would be housed in the system for cooridination of on site visitation needs during local aviation events. It was necessary to bring in the people who were out in the world fighting the good fight so they may tell their story and assist in bringing in the donations that supported their efforts. The problem was the stacks of papers needed to make it all work. Paper is analog and can not be internet delivered, so they needed a solution where data could be joined, viewed and editied by multiple parties with control over differing aspects that used the same data structure. Fun!


User Surveys
Comparitive Analysis
Persona Dev
Sketching & Architecture
User Flow
Usability Testing

Sketches & Wireframes

Containing the data profiles after user interviews seemed to be pretty straightforward. There is a serious fear amongst this group to rely on a digital solution after using paper for so many years, so it seemed appropriate to ease them into a functional design by using paper and pencil, simple modest tools they would relate to and then see the transition to the digital wireframes to follow.